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Talks & Conferences

Conference Talk:
Building Geodesign Tools

Building Collaborative Geodesign Systems in Agricultural Contexts, presented at the MN GIS/LIS 27th Annual Conference (2017) in Bemidji, Minnesota.

Want to build your own collaborative geodesign system? The New Agricultural Bioeconomy Project at the University of Minnesota developed several versions of a web-based, collaborative geodesign system for stakeholders to explore the environmental and economic impacts of agricultural practice change. Technical details of our implementations will be shared, along with tips, tricks, and lessons learned, both technical and user-focused.

Lightning Talk:
Medium Data, Patience

Getting the Job Done with Medium Data, presented at the 2017 University of Minnesota Spatial Forum.

The ubiquity of cloud computing may lead people to believe that we should look to services such as AWS and Azure when there is a large amount of data to process (think “big”). The reality for many is that the data isn't anywhere near big, but the single core that's being leveraged for many operations tests our patience. Thoughtful use computing resources already available (desktop/laptop), plus a does of patience, may be all that's needed for many cases.

Lightning Talk:
Collaborative Geodesign

Collaborative Geodesign: People, Environment, and Tools, presented at MN GIS/LIS 26th Annual Conference (2016) in Duluth, Minnesota.

Geodesign merges design, GIS, technology, and people and place. This session will talk about how you can use geodesign in a public context to help stakeholders tackle complex issues. We will explore the technology, facilitation methods, and best practices that will ensure a successful geodesign session.

Conference Talk:
Mass Email

Having a Blast: Making Mass Email Work for You, presented at the 2012 Communicators Forum Conference.

With declining budgets and the never-ending electronic boom, mass email has become common in communications. From planning to execution to follow up, we'll explore a mixture of best practices and common pitfalls with an eye toward Lyris ListManager, the University of Minnesota's enterprise mass email system.

Conferences Attended

  • MN GIS/LIS (2016–2019; presented 2016–2017, 2019)
  • Esri UC (2016–2017, 2019)
  • Esri DevSummit (2017, 2019)
  • FOSS4G NA (2018)
  • UMGEOCON (2016, 2018)
  • FOSS4G (2017)
  • North American Cartographic Information Society (2015)
  • MinneWebCon (2009-2014)
  • Communicators Forum (2013; presented 2012)
  • Confab (2012; "Taxonomy, Metadata and Search" workshop)
  • An Event Apart (2011)


All coursework at the University of Minnesota, completed courses only

  • Principles of Cartography (GEOG 5511)
  • Advanced Geovisualization (GEOG 5900)
  • ArcGIS I (GIS 5571)
  • ArcGIS II (GIS 5572)
  • Web GIS & Services (GIS 5574)
  • GIS Project Management and Professional Development (GIS 8501)
  • GIS Development Practicum (GEOG 5562)
  • CyberGIS Seminar (GEOG 8292)
  • Introduction to Data Mining (CSCI 5523)
  • Urban Geographic Information Science & Analysis (GEOG 5564)
  • Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis of Natural Resources and Environment (FNRM 5262)
  • Advanced Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis (FNRM 5412)


I intend to pursue a GISP certification after additional coursework and experience.

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